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PB envy

This would be easier if I was faster. That's the point.

The more I run the faster I get. That's the point.

When you're a new Strava addict there's a real danger in comparing yourself using the wrong benchmark. I'm finding this at the moment. I'm only following a handful of friends, but they are all good runners or triathletes and it's easy to get downhearted when I look at their times and distances. And I think this happens a lot in business. You look at the people who find networking and business development easy. Or who seem effortless when giving engaging presentations. Or intuitively understand their way around a budget spreadsheet.

It's easy to compare yourself to someone else and come up with a thousand reasons why you'll never be that good. But then the more you do something, the more intentionally you practise, the more feedback you get, the more you fail and learn, the better you get.

I know this. My job as a coach and facilitator is to create a space where people can develop, grow, experiment, fail and learn and get better. So now when I look at Strava my first comparison is with me a month ago. And I take the "Kudos" given by those stronger runners, and I take the messages from my legs, and I keep on doing it. Because I'm getting, gradually but noticeably, faster.


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