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Development comes in many forms


We deliver training programmes across a range of different subjects, from Leadership and Interpersonal skills through to Finance and Risk Management. We will work with you to provide what's best for your organisation:

  • Designing and delivering a bespoke course for your people

  • Delivering one of our pre-existing courses

  • Delivering one of your existing courses either solo or as an external co-facilitator to bring a different perspective

Music Performance Instruments


Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool to encourage development. Gareth's coaching approach is to provide the space and framework for his clients to follow their own music and see where it takes them.

He is an accredited coach with the AoEC and is qualified to work with a number of developmental tools such as Logical Levels Inventory, MBTI and Hogan.

Consultancy & Facilitation


We have many years of experience in carrying out training needs analysis and programme design, from graduate inductions through to leadership development centres. We use this experience to help your HR/Learning and Development teams to build truly effective programmes.


We also offer meeting and workshop facilitation, where we take responsibility for managing the process and flow of the meeting to give you the best possible chance of achieving your desired outcomes.


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